"We desire to be a church that loves God and all people, makes disciples, and launches leaders for the Kingdom of God. "

Much more than just a statement, our mission is the target at which we aim in every segment of our ministries. We love the diversity of people within our church - people from every socio-economic background and every continent. Our hope is that you will feel welcome and encouraged as you take time to be our guest. 

Through discipleship classes and through University Christian School, we seek to do more than gather people in our building. We want to see people scatter to the ends of the earth with the hope of the reconciliation and restoration that Jesus brings. 


We believe the measure of our success is not in the ability to attract, but rather by the size of our impact. If a group gathers weekly in the name of Jesus, the community surrounding the church should feel the impact. Being a part of UC is not a process of joining a club. We desire for people to become connected with the movement of UC. We serve the community through, food drives, Bible clubs, and support for various events. We also have opportunities to serve at University Christian School where we see dozens of kids come to know Christ each year. Don't just attend a church, join a movement!